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Buying Group purchases allow you to eliminate the cost of merchandising and local warehousing. However, you still have to get the goods from the food producer to your table. There are many ways that Consumer Buying Groups get product to their members.

Transportation is either done by the food producer, independent shipper, or by a buying group member. The most important thing to remember is that the goods should be transported in one efficient shipment in order to save the costs of individual consumer order handling by the food producer.

With the exception of small and expensive items, most group purchases through Food Commune are likely to be classified as "LTL" shipments. That's "Less than Truck Load" quantities--often more than can be economically shipped by parcel post or package delivery services like UPS or Fed-X. Typical volume shipment quantities can range from a few boxes to a partial pallet or more. Shipment from suppliers who do not provide their own transportation will need to be arranged through LTL shipping services. While many of these trucking companies will make residential deliveries, it is usually cheaper to have the goods shipped to a commercial location that frequently has off-loading facilities for trucks.

Commercial Freight Pickup Locations

Pickup Locations are places where food producers and commercial shippers are able to efficiently deliver. Some food producers are willing to ship directly to residential addresses while others base their pricing on specific commercial delivery locations. Pickup locations are where shipments are held for pickup by a Buying Group representative. Pickup-Locations are typically not a place to divide up the shipment- the entire order must usually be picked up at one time. Pickup locations may offer cold storage options, but charge extra for these services.

Commercial pickup locations offers Consumer Buying Groups the ability to circumvent the costs of major food distribution channels. Some pickup locations may offer free services while others charge nominal fees for freight handling and storage services.

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