Sell Food to Groups

Food Commune is a free and open communication portal between food producers and buying groups. We are in the process of building a system that provides the tools to communicate, obtain commitments and close sales of bulk food products.

Anyone can arrange to buy and sell food for free at However, if you are a farmer, rancher, fishermen or other commercial food producer, we can show you how to reach new customers through promotion of your special offers on Membership provides you with a way to easily communicate your offers, terms and availability to group buyers.

Food producers may also start and lead their own buying groups on Food Commune as a way to consolidate orders from multiple customers into one delivery or pick-up time commitment. This feature works great for specific harvests, slaughters or catch landings.

Basic membership is free including a detailed directory listing that can be found by group buyers searching for purchases in your area. Promotional options are available to help you gain more customers. Contact Us today to learn about how group selling can work for you.

Food Providers: Click Here to learn about featuring your offerings on!

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