Buy Food in Groups

Food Commune helps you buy food direct from farmers, fishermen, ranchers and other food producers by joining your needs with others. Our primary purpose is to help people like yourself to benefit from the power of group purchasing. The idea of consumer buying groups and co-ops have been around a long time. But we are the first to provide efficient openly available "tools" to help make the process easy for everyone.

You could either organize a buying group of your own, or join existing buying groups to purchase from any food providers. We are continually adding food providers to our database to make it easier to organize group purchases. However, we support total purchasing freedom so you could use Food Commune to arrange co-op purchases from food providers who are not listed on Food Commune.

You can start by browsing the categories on the right to see some of the food providers who are signed up in our system. Search our directory for anything you need. When logged in, the system will show you deals available to your specific geographic area or interests.

Item descriptions, quantities, delivery options and pricing are conveniently posted for you to make direct buys in the most efficient way possible. But don't feel like you are trapped behind the "iron curtain". You have the freedom to buy from anyone you want--you can simply add the details for any supplier to make a consolidated order for you and your comrades.

Food Commune is a group buying platform that allows you to quickly and easily organize group buys with your friends, neighbors and comrades by consolidating your transactions into a single "wholesale" group order.

TIP: Food Commune is a Great Wholesale Resource for Your Business Too!

Membership is not required to search and purchase from our member providers. Complete contact information is provided if you want to place wholesale orders for your business. Each provider has their own requirements for wholesale purchases.

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