Cass Lake, MN
Natural Foraged Wild Rice (not farmed)
Ph: 218-335-8461
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Bluebird Grain Farm
Winthrop, WA
Whole and Milled Grains
Ph: 509-996-3526
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Ferris Organic Farm
Eaton Rapids, MI
Organic Cracked and Flaked Grains, Organic Seeds, Organic Beans, Organic Peas & Lentils, Organic Sprouting Seeds, Organic Stone Grown Flour
Ph: 800-628-8736
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Heintzman Farms
Onaka, SD
Wheat, Confectionery Sunflowers, Golden Flax Seed
Ph: 888-333-5813
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Howe Seeds
McLaughlin, SD
Brown Flax, Golden Flax, Barley,Hard Red Spring and Winter Wheat
Ph: 605-823-4892
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Pleasant Grove Farms
Pleasant Grove, CA
Yellow Popcorn, Multi-Color Popcorn, White Pop Corn
Ph: 916-655-3391
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Purcell Mountain Farms
Moyie Springs, ID
Dried Beans, Lentils, Exotic Rice, Grain, Flour, Chiles and more
Ph: 208-267-0627
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Stevens Family Farm
Glenburn, ND
Golden Flax Seed
Ph: 888-783-2545
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SunOrganic Farm
San Marcos, CA
Organic Beans, Lentils, Peas, Coffee, Tea, Flour, Olives, Spice, Seasonings, Honey, Pollen, Dates, Seed/Nut Butters, Seeds, Granola, Dried Fruit, Quinoa, Nuts, Pasta, Sweeteners, Dehydrated Vegetables,
Ph: 760-510-8077
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