Gain Access to Fresher Foods

Do you ever wonder why many things taste so much better fresh off the farm? It's not your imagination. Food starts decaying the moment it stops growing. What you find on store shelves is often days if not weeks after it was harvested, caught or slaughtered. Nutritional value declines as plants and animals are cut off from their own food sources. The desirable taste of fresh food is attributed to all of its natural elements. Delicate life-supporting enzymes and vitamins degrade rather rapidly. The sooner you consume fresh foods, the healthier they are for you and the better they taste.

Food Commune lets consumers transact bulk purchases direct from the source. Often, this means having immediate access to fresh foods that would otherwise be in transit on the way to basking on store shelves. It is not unusual for buying group members to have foods on the dinner table that were harvested that same day.

Foods packed in bulk often have less exposure to light, heat and oxygen which accelerates the degradation process. Even bulk frozen foods like fish and meat for example are healthier because they are kept at much lower temperatures than retail store freezers.

Eating fresh local foods is rewarding because you have the ability to experience the changing seasons and varieties of nutritional offerings nature provides. Trusting nature to provide the right nutrition your body needs to stay healthy at different times of the year is not a bad idea. The process has been occurring for millions of years. With as much that has been discovered about nutrition, more scientists are finding that nature has developed an immensely complex system to help our bodies thrive.

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