Save Money & Eat Better!

Food Commune provides you with a great way to save money. Buying groceries at wholesale prices can save up to fifty percent or more on your fresh produce for example. Most food producers are happy to sell to customers who are willing to buy enough product to make it worth their while. That's where Food Commune comes in. We can help you consolidate your needs with friends, neighbors, co-workers or anyone else you can team up with to make a bulk buy.

It's not just about saving money. Many small food producers take great care to produce high quality nutritious foods that are often too expensive and too fragile for the mass market. However, with your new found bulk purchasing power through Food Commune, you can get access to food that is fresher, has higher nutritional value and less millage from bouncing around in trucks and warehouses.

Group buying is nothing new. It's been around since ancient times. Food Commune is just working to make it easier than ever to for you to consolidate your needs with others to buy in bulk without having to stock up yourself.

While eliminating the cost of warehousing and retail merchandising, you can get fresher, better quality food direct from the source.

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