Know Your Food Source

It is becoming more important than ever to know where your food is coming from. As food prices increase and trust in mega corporate foods diminishes, having the ability to verify the origin of your purchases will not only ease your mind, but can also improve your health and finances.

Most large scale food production is done for short term profits. There is no end to the ways that consumers can get shorted on nutritional value and ethics in nearly every category of food. Buying from someone you can meet with face to face to learn exactly how your food is produced is extremely satisfying.

Whether your goal is to get good nutrition, support small independent businesses, uphold personal ethical beliefs, or champion for sustainable practices, Food Commune lets you vote with your food dollars by becoming actively involved with deciding who gets rewarded.

Your are a result of what you eat. Why not put more of your investment directly towards the people who produce good quality food?

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