Increase Your Food Security

Everyone should have a food security plan. Knowing your food providers can give you an edge if push comes to shove. Many truthful economic forecasts are grim. The global financial system is becoming increasingly unstable as governments build up unprecedented debts. There will be some point in the future when the wheels of the global corporate food network begin to falter.

What can you do? Well, you can either burry your head in the sand and hope for a miracle, or you can make plans to adapt to a new reality. Humanity has, of course, been in this situation before. Actually, many times before. As a matter of fact, the last fifty years or so have been unprecedented in the history of mankind as the most stable and abundant time humans have had on the planet. However, nothing last for ever.

Now is the time to act on alternative plans for making sure you, your family, friends and neighbors have access to basic needs. Fortunately, there are many independent farmers, fisherman and food producers who would rather sell to you than to distant mega corporations.

Consumer buying groups have been around since the beginning of civilization. Consolidated purchasing is the fundamental element of a free market economy. Food Commune helps facilitate buying groups by providing the tools that make coordinating consolidated purchases easy for anyone.

Join or start a food commune today and build relationships directly with food producers!

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