Isn't it Time You Joined a Commune?

hippie bus

We're not talking about your Uncle Freddy's hillbilly commune here. Nor are we suggesting that you go commie and defect to the other side either. This is about a better way to get your food by joining forces with your friends and neighbors to buy directly from food producers.

We're not saying anything bad about shopping in stores. They are great places to get the special little things you need on a moment's notice. But when it comes down to the basic staples of life, why not deal directly with the dude who has the food?

Food Commune lets you combine your buying power with others to make true wholesale purchases so you can avoid paying the middleman. A big portion of the cash you lay down for store bought goods goes to paying for the bright lights, fancy displays, big ad campaigns and, of course, the profits that so often go to Wall Street and communist China.

Many say "the man" has failed to keep a fair and balanced free market. Too much of our hard earned money is being siphoned off to fund the lifestyles of the rich and infamous. Well, Food Commune lets you turn the tables and stick it to the fat cats that have driven up food prices. Who really needs them anyway?

Let's show them that free market capitalism is alive and well when you can bypass the mega middleman to get your food from anyone you desire.

Join a food commune today and start saving!

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