How it Works

organize Your Goup

Find friends, neighbors, work associates, club members and fellow church parishioners who want to save money and know the source of their food. Food Commune will soon provide the ability to set up buying groups and send invites through this website and mobile app.

Find Bulk Food

Find farmers, fisherman, ranchers and other independent food producers in our directory. Food Commune will also soon have the ability for buying group members to add their own bulk food suppliers as well.

Get Commitments

Find out which members of your buying group wish to participate in your "buy" and how funds will be collected. Food Commune will soon provide the tools buying groups will need to affirm commitments and payment terms between members.

Arrange Shipment

Arrange shipping and delivery to be made either by the food producer, independent shipper, or someone in your buying group.

Divide and Deliver

Split up the order and deliver the shares to each member. Food Commune will soon have the ability to track member purchases and performance.

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