About Food Commune

Food Commune is a community food hub and social network builder that facilitates the creation and management of neighborhood and workplace-based consumer food buying groups. Food Commune was formed on the premise that people need trustworthy and reliable direct access to quality food sources at reasonable prices.

The global food system has become a complex and convoluted mega industry which is susceptible to a myriad of problems from economic melt-downs and union strikes to profit enhancing bio-engineering and monopolization. Food security and quality is of increasing concern for many people.

Throughout the world, small-scale independent farmers, fishermen, ranchers and other food producers provide quality products in reasonably small bulk quantities. Often over-shadowed by mega food merchants, these thoughtful and sustainable producers are difficult to find in one place until now.

Food Commune provides consumers with a direct transparent connection to food providers while eliminating the cost of retail merchandising.

Food Commune is free to consumers and basic directory listings are free to sellers everywhere. Our efforts are supported by modest advertising fees for feature food products on the top pages of FoodCommune.com.

Food Commune Benefits:

Farm To Table

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. By enabling direct "farm to table" connections, consumers benefit from knowing more information about their food source. Quality producers benefit by having the ability to directly convey their value proposition.

Healthy Eating

Direct purchasing allows consumers to obtain fresher, more nutritious foods during the season as opposed to getting nutrient-depleted foods stored in warehouses.

Community Involvement

Building community connections help reduce crime and increase neighborhood resiliency by providing an opportunity for neighbors to know and support one another.

Lower Food Costs

Lower food prices are often achieved by eliminating the warehousing, marketing and packaging costs associated with retail merchandising.

Youth Jobs

Consumer buying groups provide opportunities for youth and young adults to participate in entrepreneurial activities from picking produce to dividing up and delivering orders.

Food Security

Farm-direct consumer buying groups provide an alternative method for getting food to consumers in the event of natural disasters, labor strikes or other disruptions.

Economic Diversity

Consumer buying groups help support a diverse range of small, independent businesses that create the backbone for resilient free-market economies.

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